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Traditional Bow And Arrow Practice Method

Aug 23, 2017

Do not take the bow, open the feet and shoulder width, hands three fingers linked to the submandibular, elbow shoulder flat, arms pulled out and then release the fingers, along the pull of the force, arm horizontal open this action. After the release of the action, if stopped, the body should be a big character.

This is the most basic chord action. After all the archery movements are based on this. Breathing requirements: pull when breathing, put when the breath

The first stage, mainly the correctness of the action

When you have mastered the above skills, you can practice three archery method

Three sections of the law:

The first step, holding the bow arrows. Hold the archers mainly use the thumb and index finger grip bow, arrows in the index finger on the bend, pull the string three fingers open chord, folder arrow between the index finger and middle finger.

The second step, inhale, pull the string in the submandibular, stop a few seconds, observe their own posture is correct, shoulder and elbow is flat. Be careful not to watch the arrow! Fast pull slowly. Basically pulled over the post after the silent number 1.2.3.

The third step, release, breath, pull the string after the arrows. Put the arrow after the attention to see if their posture is correct (refer to the practice of bowless practice)

The eyes of the best face, do not control whether the target, as long as your posture, the arrow is basically the same

Each put an arrow, put down the bow, do three empty hands release action.