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How Is The Ancient Arrows And Arrows Fixed?

Aug 23, 2017

Ancient and modern with a bow to launch a sharp edge of a long-range weapons. The bow consists of a resilient bow and a tough bow string; arrows include arrows, arrows and arrows. Arrows are made of copper or iron (modern arrows mostly alloy), rods for bamboo or wood (modern mostly pure carbon or aluminum), feathers for carvings, eagles or geese feathers.

The earliest arrows did not head, with a whole tree head sharpened.

Slowly in order to increase the lethality, only with the arrow, called: arrowhead. Because the arrow has a barbed, forced out of the wound will cause secondary trauma. General arrows and arrows with animal or plant material boiled into the adhesive. Insert the arrow into the back of the arrow in the cavity on it

There are at least two metal arrows

Chinese-style is embedded, the rear of the arrow has a thin strip, inserted in the shaft

Hu is the style of the hedge, that is, after the arrow inserted in the arrow