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Composite Bow Wild Hunting Common Situation

Aug 23, 2017

1, some prey in close proximity, because of its hidden particularly clever and can not be found in time;

2, some small prey Although it can be seen in the distance it, but when we detour to the appropriate distance to prepare for the attack, but disappeared in the sight of the target, when we look around, it is from another The angle of mad escape;

3, when you walk in the hunting field around the search on the road, turn the rugged mountain road, suddenly found some prey appeared in the ditch edge, and then your hands are not ready to equipment, and thus missed a great hunting Opportunity;

4, when the prey appears in the right place, you bow bow aimed at, because the action of the lag and missed the best offensive opportunity;

5, due to the distance to determine the mistakes, resulting in high or too high point, resulting in arrows can not accurately hit the prey;

6, due to the existence of high and low drop, the wrong point of view of the offensive angle, resulting in the results can not hit;

7, hit the prey after the hit point in its non-fatal position, causing prey to escape or escape with arrows;

8, hit the prey or prey "nail" in some can not pick up the special location;

9, did not hit the prey but caused by arrows directly or indirectly loss, that is, "Arrow", "lost arrows" and "destroyed arrows";

10, improper operation caused by equipment damage or damage;

11, due to the effect of operation, causing damage to others.