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Bow And Arrow Production Materials

Aug 23, 2017

Spring and Autumn Warring States on the occasion of the "Kao Gong Ji" in the "bow for the bow," an article on the bow technology made a detailed summary. In the next two thousand years, China, or the Asian composite bow manufacturing technology, compared with the Kao Gong Ji no significant changes. "Kao Gong Ji" for the bow material selection, processing methods, components of the performance and its combination, have more detailed requirements and regulations, the process should be to prevent the shortcomings, but also carried out the analysis. "Kao Gong Ji" that the bow to dry, angle, tendons, plastic, silk, paint, collectively known as "six" is important.

Six things dry

"Dry", including a variety of wood and bamboo, used to produce the main body of the bow, multi-layer overlap. The performance of the dry material plays a decisive role in the performance of the bow.

Six horns

"Angle", that is, animal angle, made of thin, affixed to the inside of the bow (abdomen). The main bow of the bow, to the white, in the green, the peak is not good; angle two feet have five inches (nearly 50 cm), three-color without reason, that the cattle cattle.

Six material of the tendons

"Tendons", that is, the animal's tendon, affixed to the lateral side of the bow (back). Tendons and corners of the role is to enhance the strength of the bow arm, so that when the arrows shot more intense disease, the material more in-depth.

Six of the plastic

"Glue", that is, animal glue, used to bond dry wood and horns.

Six of the wire

"Silk", that is, silk, will be tied to the bow of the bow with a thread tightly wrapped, so that more solid.

Six of the paint

"Paint", will be made of the bow arm painted to prevent the frost of moisture erosion. Usually painted every ten days again, until it can play the role of protecting the arm.