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Bow And Arrow In China Development History

Aug 23, 2017

In the late Paleolithic period of 30,000 years ago, humans in China began to use bows and arrows. The earliest arrow is very simple, with a tree stick or bamboo pole, cut into a certain length of the shaft, at the end of sharpening is the arrow. The true origin of the vector should be the primitive society Stone Age, people to stone, bone or shell grinding into a sharp shape, installed in the end of the rod, which made a stone arrowhead, bone arrowhead or shellhead , Compared to a single stick with bamboo sticks can be considered a big step into the arrow. As the ancient arrows difficult to save so far, so unearthed in the material often only left arrowheads. Neolithic stone, bone, mussel arrowheads, bar-shaped, leaf-shaped, triangular and many other, some have the arrow and stalk thorns. Yanshi County, Henan Province, Erlitou site unearthed in the early Shang Dynasty bronze arrowhead. Shang and Zhou dynasties, the main style of bronze arrowhead is ridge wings. Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, triangular arrows prevail, the Warring States period when the arrows more than iron collars to save copper. Han after the copper arrowhead began to iron arrowhead transition, the process has gone through about 200 years. Hebei Province Mancheng County unearthed in the early Western Han Dynasty three-wing or four-edge iron arrowheads, still die casting molding, sharpness less than copper arrowheads; and Xinfeng County, Sichuan Province, animal husbandry and horses unearthed in the Eastern and Eastern iron arrowhead was flat acute angle Triangle, both forging, and strong lethality. This shape was then used by the descendants of long-term use of the point of steel arrowheads inherited.

Arrows are made of bamboo and wooden. Pre-Qin period, in the south of Yunmeng Ze and Sushen living in the northeastern region, are produced vector of the 楛. Until the clear, clear, South China arrows also used bamboo pole, North China with Liu, northeast, northwest with birch wood. In order to hit the target more accurately, you must grasp the direction of the arrow in flight, so people in the tail of the tail with feathers, so that the shape of the arrow tends to improve.

Arrow flying speed and accuracy are closely related to tail feathers. Arrow feather too much, flying too slow; too little, poor stability.