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Bow And Arrow Arrow, How To Make It? What Is The Most Important Thing In Making

Aug 23, 2017

The bow consists of a resilient bow and a tough bow string; arrows include arrows, arrows and arrows. Arrows are made of copper or iron, rods for bamboo or wood, feathers for feathers or eagles.

Bow and arrow manufacturing is not complicated, the children most of their own hands, no adults to do it. First to find a mountain arrow in order to improve the accuracy, you can make Yu Jian. Feathers are optional materials, but other materials can also be used - paper, light cloth, and even cut into a certain shape of the leaves.

A: From the top, tear the feathers to the center of the feather.

B: feathers at each end of the 20 mm wide feathers, so that tied to the shaft.

C: the arrows on the circle of three equal parts, the Department of symmetry on the three feathers. The same time as

The front of the shaft can be directly sharpened and quenched. With the additional sharp arrow tied to the pole, the effect will be better.

Bow and arrows are the best weapons that can be prepared temporarily and are easy to prepare. Just take a short time and you will be a beneficiary when you use them. There is a complete dry and solid wood material of course, better, no time you should have the ability to make a good bow. If you expect to stay for a few months at the location, you should store some of the finest woods for spare.