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Attention Should Be Noted When Shooting

Aug 24, 2017

  1, the archer must maintain a keen aiming

      1) When aiming, do not blink or close your eyes

      2) sight can not leave the aiming point

      3) eyes have to fire the Quartet, at any time to be vigilant, once in your field of vision found that things outside the target any danger, you can immediately stop archery.

      4) to have a keen eye, when the woman spoiled, the eyes will shine, and archer's eyes will also shine. This is a near vision, but it is not full of anger glaring at each other's eyes. Good eyesight is the eyes of the burning of God, that is, through the bull's-eye vision.

      5) eyes must maintain a strong state of tension, that is, even if the rain ran into the eyes will not blink of an eye. When the antelope in the snow running, always eyes wide open, because once closed his eyes, they will be at any time by the wolf and bear invasion of life risk. Archery also continue to exercise eyesight to train the type of antelope of this eye to do. If the wind and rain were attacked, they could not open their eyes, then they can not aim at the bull's-eye. All the first-class archers have a pair of shining eyes of God's eyes, this vision is extremely pure and clear, fearless, and only this vision to penetrate the bull's-eye.

   2, must maintain the correct vertical direction, the archer's fixed point must be the same every time.

   3, not to do a spiral aiming, this aiming method is too intense. Not to pay attention to the aim and ignore the rest of the archery action, we must take into account the balance of all movements, while relaxing.

   4, do not do hairy dispatched action. Aiming to the sight for the bull's-eye, immediately put the arrows, and keep the balance of the posture.

   5, there is no running Sight situation, if the sight at the target surface movement, it is easy to find outside the bull'sighting point (freezing), must improve the hands and eyes of the common reaction in order to correct the target.