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Ancient Bows And Arrows And Arrows Have Several Kinds Of What You Use

Aug 23, 2017

Ancient arrows and called too many names, some statistics are 98 species. But the main is the following several types.

1, taper arrows, the most common arrows, is the kind of flat prism of the arrow, used to kill, can also be used for armor, but the destruction and armor are weak, the advantage is cheap, easy to manufacture.

2, broken arrows, longer than the cone-shaped arrows, penetrating power, the distance can break the leather armor and scales, but the effect of the plate is not ideal. The disadvantage is that the lethality is small.

3, heavy arrows, arrows larger, generally with barbs and blood tank, armor ability weak, but the lethal strong, people were shot in a short time will lose the fighting ability.

4, three arrows, arrows were triangular-shaped, with barbs and blood tank, armor and lethality are very strong, but the manufacturing process is complex, high cost.

5, the arrow, also known as dysprosium, is shot out of the whistle signal arrow, no lethality.

6, crescent arrows, arrows were crescent-shaped or fish-like, no lethal to the people, mainly used to shoot the flag and sails on the rope.

7, pier arrows, arrows are wooden piers, no lethality, shoot people will cause pain, mainly used to warn, and now the same as the rubber bullet function.

8, horse arrows, generally conical, for horses.