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What does bushing mean?

May 31, 2018

The bushing is used for the outside of the mechanical parts, in order to achieve the sealing, wear protection and other functions of the match, refers to the role of the liner ring. In the field of valve applications, the bushing is in the bonnet and generally uses PTFE or graphite corrosion resistant materials for sealing.

The flexibility of the bushing is relatively high, and it has many functions. In general, the bushing is a type of component that protects the equipment. The use of bushings can reduce equipment wear, vibration and noise, and have anti-corrosion effects. The use of bushings also facilitates the maintenance of mechanical equipment and simplifies the structure and manufacturing process of the equipment.

The role of the bushing in actual work has a lot to do with its application environment and purpose. In the field of valve applications, the bushing is fitted inside the valve cap to trap the stem, thereby reducing valve leakage and achieving sealing. In bearing applications, the use of a bushing can reduce the wear between the bearing and the shaft seat and prevent the clearance between the shaft and the hole from increasing.