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The role of anti-bow accessories

Aug 23, 2017

First, reverse bow aiming

Many friends are able to understand from the literal understanding of the purpose of what is aimed at? Yes, yes, is the role of auxiliary precision shooting, but the bow faithful, you know how to use the right aim? Not a reverse The bow has increased the accuracy of the aim itself to be improved, but must continue to use and try to contact, to learn some of the purpose and value of the aim, so as to be able to really aim With the handy, but also to continuously improve the accuracy!

Second, the anti-bow of the arrows

Regardless of any type of bow, arrows exist for the same purpose, from one aspect, the arrow is to maintain the balance of the use of the arrow itself, you can say it, a bow, if no arrow (except the traditional bow , The traditional bow is its own finger for the arrows), arrows shooting accuracy and shooting distance will be greatly reduced, this is very easy to understand, because there is no arrow, then the bow in the initial shooting time already With the trend to fall, such a range will greatly play a discount!

Third, the guardian arm

These accessories are the name of the accessories that are intended to protect the user. Only in this way can we take into account the true purpose and value of the use of the bow and arrow, and sometimes we can not really have some of them, but We must understand that only to use, we can understand its true value and meaning, but I can say that each of the accessories, there will be the existence of its real value lies!