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The history of the arrow

Aug 23, 2017

Bow and arrow head, also known as arrowhead. Arrows have a long history, and humans use arrows for at least tens of thousands of years. In ancient times, people made arrows with animal bones and stones. Later, people invented the smelting technology, is to use bronze to make arrows. Then, after the iron, there is a iron sword head and steel arrows. Modern archery arrows are the target arrow, generally with a relatively soft alloy production, penetration performance is poor, so relatively safe.

Hunting arrows, generally have a wide blade, can cause great cuts to animals, causing animals to bleed a lot, so that even if they can not kill animals, but also let their bleeding too much death.

Later in the long war history of mankind, all kinds of arrows are endless, such as the penetration of armor through the arrow, you can pass the arrows and so on.

The use of the tapered arrows used in ancient wars

The use of the tapered arrows used in ancient wars

The archery arrows used in modern archery are generally arrows with large obtuse angles or parabolic arrows. This arrow has little air resistance, but poor penetration, thus ensuring the stability and safety of the arrows in the archery movement.