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The difference between the composite bow and the reverse arch structure

Aug 23, 2017

(1) as a modern sports in the anti-bow archery project used by the bow, by the bow, bow, bowstring, arrow, arrow side pad, sight and counterweight and other major components. The composite bow is made of bow, bow, eccentric, axle, bowstring, rear window, tension adjustment bolt, cable, cable limit bar, chord, arrow, sight, counterweight and shaker composition. Recoil and composite bow are through the man-made effective uniform bow, with the elasticity of the bow will arrows to the target of sports equipment. The same pull the standard bow, reverse bow bow pull the longer, the greater the pull, the arrow is also shot away. The composite bow is the use of the upper and lower arch at the top of the fixed position to install different shapes of eccentric and fixed pulley (most of the type of composite bow commonly used symmetrical eccentric), the positioning of the length of the cable and bow Pulley locating pin and through the pulley groove to install the appropriate length of the bow string, so with the eccentric wheel lever principle, pull the heavier bow pulled. After the opening of the bow is based on different shapes of eccentric wheel, will eventually reduce the pull 65-75%. In other words, the composite bow bow strength to be large, after opening the bow, the symmetry is greatly reduced. It is worth mentioning that the composite arch of the bow file is the longest distance from the pulley positioning pin and cable and the bow string of mutual restraint and not change. So the same bow, the bow file to determine, the same tension, theoretically shot the distance between the arrows are equal.

(2) the use of different sight, aiming methods are different. The aim of the chord is to use the bow and the bow (or sight outside the outer ring) tangent, through the string hand and jaw the same relationship to ensure the distance between the arrow and the eyes. It can also be said that the aiming method of the anti-bow is to rely on the vertical (arrow and the eye fixed distance through the arrows and sight straight line to extend the contraction to the target intersection) and horizontal (bow and quasi-fixed distance from the straight line extended to the target intersection) of the two triangles In a certain target distance of the coincidence point formed. Competition with the standard bow, mostly using optical sight. The sight is in the anti-bow aiming on the basis of the sight will be replaced by a magnifying glass, in order to ensure the vertical bow, but also in the lower part of the magnifying glass to install the level of the bubble; in the bow arrow above the eye position to install the rear window. This creates a rifle's sight (the center of the magnifying glass), the gap (the backstreet window on the bow) and the three-point line of the target. Through the rear window to see the sight on the magnifying glass, but also the formation of the telescope optical principle, the target zoom clear, the equivalent of optical aiming. Composite bow aiming method is simply a straight center. That is, through the rear window to see the magnifying glass to the outer ring to the center of the magnifying glass in the target to align the target center.