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How to effectively prevent the arrows and arrows

Aug 23, 2017

Never shoot the arrows No matter what model you choose, what size, what brand or what type of arrows, before each archery must check each arrow to see if it is damaged. Appropriate maintenance can make your arrows available for years. Otherwise, the arrow will be damaged, and shoot this arrow is very insecure. Never think that the arrows are safe, even if the new arrows are the same, until you check it after saying that it is safe. You should be responsible for checking your equipment, to ensure that your arrows are in good condition.

Bend test steps to check the arrows, with both hands to grasp the ends of the shaft to bend it, check the arrows are broken, scars, dents. Rotate and then repeat the check several times to make sure the arrow is not damaged. If you find damaged, destroy it immediately. Damaged carbon arrows can cause personal injury.

Archery Make sure that the arrows are long enough to cut the carbon arrows up to the length of your bow. A short lead will result in an arrow on the arrow or on the other side of the bow. If the arrows in the arrows, will damage the shaft, the bow, the people will cause harm. When pulling the bow, one of the arrows (not including the arrow) should go beyond the arrow about 1 inch or longer. The length of the pole is "just" too short. Please note that changing the length of your bow will change the length of the arrow. And, as you use the bow longer, the bow will be slightly longer (all bowstring are the same), especially for a long time not wrapped around the strings of the string. If you choose not to wrap the string, and the regular replacement, the length of the request will change over time.