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History of the bow and arrow

Aug 23, 2017

Dragon tongue bow

This arch is only in the history of the legend, the authenticity of yet to be verified, but I think some words are too exaggerated, but still exist. This arch is the use of keel as a bowstring, so the speed and explosive power is extremely high, the Three Kingdoms period famous famous Lu Bu Yuan door halberd is used this bow. Lu Bu we should be clear that since ancient times there are people in the Lu Bu, Ma in the red rabbit's argument, so Lu Bu is the first fierce in the Three Kingdoms is not an exaggeration, but its treachery, and ultimately Cao Cao alive and killed. But this person is also used by the bow and arrow and extraordinary material, the dragon tongue at the time can be said that the world is the first God bow, coupled with Lu Bu's carving, in our history has occupied a very important position.


Xue Rengui was ordered to lead the army and the enemy in the mountains decisive battle, we all know that the Turks have always been known to the brave and skilled, because the degree of control of the bow and arrow is not general, and even have bowed the big carved deeds. The beginning of the fighting between the two sides, the Turkic army on the selection of a dozen powerful warriors to Tang Jun challenge, which dozens of warriors included in the Turkic army in the famous yuan tiger, Yuan Long and Yuanfeng three, in the face of such a strong Enemy Xue Rengui calmly, saw out of the composite bow three arrows bursts, this time Yuanhu, Yuan Long and Yuanfeng three people crashed down, see this scene Turkic army morale chaos, have fled their way. Even more see the general trend has been directly to the Tang Jun, and Xue Rengui also a war fame, and Xue Rengui this bow is the use of the sky bow.

Tyrant bow

Hear this name we will certainly think of the West Chu Tyrannosaurus Xiangyu, in fact, this bow is also because Xiang Yu named, this bow is Xiang Yu face to carry things, its power is extremely large. We all know Xiang Yu of great, this bow bow is built with the mysterious iron, according to legend, the light weight reached 100 kilos, bowstring is made of a black dragon's back tendon made. This piece of bark is Xiang Yu 15 years old, in the Wujiang see a black dragon for wounding, Xiang Yu heard the matter alone after a night came to Wujiang, through the black dragon three days and three nights of war eventually killed, and Will be peeling cramps, and finally made of this bow. This bow is not afraid of fire, the sword is difficult to hurt, followed by Xiang Yu dozens of years, for its made a contribution.