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Composite bow and traditional bow speed, arrow speed, range of the difference

Aug 23, 2017

Speaking of composite bow arrows first to distinguish a concept: the speed of fire. The speed of fire refers to the number of valid bows and arrows that can be injected for a period of time, and the arrow speed refers to the speed at which the arrows are dispensed. The arrows are generally FPS.

Different types of composite bow and arrow speed is different, with the same type of composite bow in different pounds under the arrow speed is also different.

Fire rate

From the firing rate, the composite bow of the shooting rate is much lower than the traditional bow, the traditional bow Mongolian video 4.9 seconds to shoot ten arrows, composite bow 5 seconds shot almost.

Arrow speed

To say the arrow speed, it depends on the pull, the traditional warfare pulls are 100 pounds, there is a Guinness Book of World Records pull the largest pound bow record, that people pull the 200-pound traditional bow, shoot more than 50 grams of arrows, arrows Speed is 330FPS.

At present the fastest arrows of the composite bow is Wrigley's fire chariot, arrow speed is 371.5FPS, it is clear that there are not several times.


To the Guinness Book of World record holder, the final result of the two bow for the projectile, 200 pounds of traditional bow shot than the 200-pound composite bow is far away 130 yards.

In general, the complex bow high precision, power, effort. Traditional bow shot fast, shoot farther