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Bow arrows have what kind of arrows ah, what are the advantages?

Aug 23, 2017

Modern bow and arrow hunting used by the arrows, according to the type of prey, the purpose of use, flexible replacement of different arrows to achieve the desired results. Arrows can be divided into practice arrows, fixed blade hunting arrows, folding blade hunting arrows. These arrows can all be quickly installed and replaced by the threaded connection sleeve at the front of the shaft.

Practice the arrow as the name suggests, is mainly used for normal archery exercises and small hunting arrows, usually for the cone arrow or semi-circular arrows, cheap, suitable for normal large amount of exercise exercises.

Fixed blade hunting arrow: there are 2-4 films ranging from the hunting of the hunting arrows, this arrow mainly through the blade on the pre-skin / muscle tissue cutting effect, to achieve the formation of large diameter in the prey body open wound, making prey A large number of blood loss and loss of resistance. The advantages of the fixed blade arrows are: excellent cutting effect, lethality, the disadvantage is: because of its larger blade, and in the flight process by the impact of large air resistance, easy to wind bias.

 Folding blade arrows: there are 2-4 pieces of arrows that can be folded from the blade, the blade in the launch, in a folded state, only the arrow hit the target, the blade in the prey skin resistance under the action of it Of the killing effect similar to the fixed blade arrow, but because of the flight process, the blade is closed, so affected by the air resistance is very small, not easy to wind bias, the accuracy is higher than the fixed blade arrow. But in the face of hard skin prey, the blade can not effectively expand the situation, it is usually suitable for hunting deer and other skin soft animals, not suitable for hunting wild boar such thick skin animals.