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Bow and arrow use skills

Aug 23, 2017


There are two main types of arrows. One is the Mediterranean type, mainly popular in the West using the unit bow area. This way, is the index finger, middle finger and ring finger hook bow string, right hand hook string, then the arrow in the bow on the left side. The second is the Mongolian, mainly popular in the common use of composite bow of the Eastern world. This way, is the thumb hook string, with the index finger and middle finger to suppress the thumb, right hand hook string, then the arrow in the bow on the right side. The use of Mongolian-style string method, you must put the thumb on the thumb, the ancient Chinese "韘", later known as "pull". It is made of jade, bone or leather.


Pull the bow arrows, bow center parallel to the line of sight. Left hand holding the bow, right hand arrows, along the horizontal direction back full of strings, and then release - the arrow will be free to fly quickly, fired at the target. A lot of practice. Bow sets of more than a few arrows, you can quickly bursts.

To prevent being drilled

Many shooters found that arrows fly away from the bowstring, often worn on the cheeks and hands of the skin. Cheeks can be covered with scarves or other fabrics, wrist with leather jacket.

There are many kinds of bows and arrows, according to their use is not the same method is not the same, more common with long bow and short bow, in ancient times according to the different arms can be divided into step bow and riding a bow, Can be divided into light bow, hunting bow and strong bow. Bows and arrows in the shooting when the most common standing is fixed standing legs Dingzi standing, while the waist back fifteen degrees, the bow in the left hand, and then use the right hand to take the arrow. Take the arrows to the arrows on the bow on the arrow, while the arrows on the arrows, arrows should be close to the bow body, and to balance with the left arm, right hand to continue strong pull back bow, wait until the bow After the pull, the arrow in accordance with the curvature of the parabola out.