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Bow and arrow composition structure

Aug 23, 2017

Bow (side of the shooter)

For the angle system, the corner is to strengthen the arm part. Nomadic people will use buffalo horn or wild horns. Because the angle of the buffalo is relatively elastic with respect to the angle of the other animals, and both are the most popular nomadic people in buffalo horns. Nomads will use fish glue to the animal's leg tendon (from cattle, deer, etc.) stick in the wooden arch part. The reason is the tendon like a rubber band, after pulling can quickly return to the original position, greatly speed up the flight speed of the arrow. The end of a pair of wooden bow is fitted with a bow.


Nomads use animal tendons, horsehair, or vines to make strings. The Cessians used to make strings with cow intestines. As for the Turks, they are known for their strings.


The arrows drifted by the nomadic peoples of the prairie most of the arrows are different from the arrows that are popular in Europe. Some historians point out that this is for self-defense. If the arrowhead is only inserted into the shaft, will reduce the ability to absorb the impact of the shaft, the arrow is easy to break, so the archers can prevent the opponent to use their own arrows to fight back.

Arrows are usually made of reed stalks or bamboo, and white birch and dogwood are also materials for making arrows. Arrows are made with waterfowl feathers, such as geese and duck feathers are good materials. Arrows have two to four arrows, so that when the arrow is more stable flight.

Pull the string tool

The archer will wear a thumb ring (or pull the finger) to prevent the thumb is cut by the string. The nomadic people in the mid - latitude grassland make the thumb ring with skin, bone, horn, metal or stone. In order to speed up the archery, the inside of the thumb ring is usually slotted or recessed to buckle the string.

Bow bag and arrow

Cecilia's archers will be the bow bag and arrows combined, this bag called gorytos. Gorytos has a bag on the front side, dedicated to throwing arrows. Cecilia's archer with a hook to gorytos hanging on the belt.