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Archery arrows shot out is the use of the recoil principle?

Aug 23, 2017

Archery arrows shot out of the use of the recoil principle is wrong.

Recoil: the object by separating a part of the object, so that the other part of the phenomenon of movement in the opposite direction, called recoil movement, recoil movement, the object by the recoil is usually called recoil.

The archery process is the use of the bowstring deformation of the elastic energy potential stored into the kinetic energy of the arrow will be shot out.

Flat and lob shot two archery way, just like a gun is like a sub-flat and lob shot the same. The need for better arm strength at the same time to consider the factors are more, such as wind direction, wind speed, etc., because the use of flat shot is generally a precise blow. Latching, that is, you say the shot up, often used by the group, in order to make the arrows to form a coverage, because most people use the bow and arrows can not do precision strike, especially when the distance is relatively far, When the shot will be because the final gravity is to make the arrow down, but the disadvantage is the loss of the degree, so the general army of collective lob.